How To Create A Highly Profitable and Automated Online Business

Without a Social Media Following, No Technical Background or Any Prior Experience Necessary.


What You'll Find Inside:

-How to Build a Business and Brand with No Experience

-How I Went From Missing Out On Time with My Family and Little

 One to Being A Fully Present Mama 

-The Exact Blueprint Myself and Many Others Have Implemented To Achieve Success And How You Can Tap Into It Today

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Mamas that don't want to miss watching their babies grow up

Burnt out from their 9-5

Hungry and Yearning for more in life

Ready to take a leap of faith

Location independence to work anywhere

Meet Your Host!


 Kayla is a first time mom to a baby girl and a bonus boy mom! 

She was tired of missing every precious moment of watching the babies grow so she went all in to starting her own Online Business! 

From seeing the beautiful world that life has to offer to spending quality time with family she knew this was the way.

 Kayla was completely burnt out from her nursing job and tired of having to wait around for PTO to get approved in order to get time away. 

Now the future is brighter and the world is HERS!

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"After spending 5 years in college, a bachelor’s and master’s degree later, I finally landed that big girl job I had been tirelessly searching for!

It was everything I was hoping and planning for... (for the first 2 weeks that is). My life quickly turned into an autopilot routine and I realized this really wasn’t the life I had dreamed of.

Something. Had. To. Change.

Because I knew that NOT making a change was the thing keeping me stuck in that cubicle on autopilot day after day, dreaming of fulfillment and the life I could have

So I did it! I made the change to start a career onIine and I’m SO glad I followed that instinct and took the plunge!

I’ve been able to grow a whole skill set that I had absolutely no background in and created the Time Flexibility & Control I’d been craving to have in my life.

After 5 short months of building my business as a side hustle, I was finally able to ditch my 9-5 j.o.b. FOREVER!!

I’m officially a Full Time OnIine Business Owner and I now have more time for family, the farm, and the little things in life I didn’t have time to enjoy before.

I am so grateful to have found an opportunity that has given me so much Fulfillment & Flexibility and I am so lucky to have met some pretty incredible community members who have supported and helped me get to where I am today."




"Before I started working onIine, I worked in corporate for 8+ years as an engineer. 

I did all the things you're supposed to do... go to college, get a good GPA, get a good job, and start climbing the corporate ladder. 

And while I didn't mind what I did, I always knew deep down that it wasn't something I wanted to do forever. 

What I really wanted to do was to travel the world, experience other cultures, learn new languages, and grow as a person thru it all.

But we all know that costs money. Which is why I kept doing what I was doing. 

I was financially secure, I made 6 figures! But over time, it started to wear on me. 

I could see upper management and the lives they were living and it was NOT the life I wanted. 

They were stressed, their health and personal relationships were being affected, and they weren't traveling like I wanted. 

So that's when I decided to make a change. I didn't want any regrets. 

And I am happy to say, I have none! 

Since I've started working for myself, I've grown so much as a person, it's insane.

I'm able to focus on my own well-being, work hard towards my own goals, and make a great income while doing it! 

Plus the training, support, and mentorship has been unreal. Meeting like-minded people thru this community has been one of the best parts! 

My favorite part is how I feel tho. I am confident, driven, and know that I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to! 

If you're on the fence, just do it already. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"



"Hii friends! Let me start by saying CONGRATS on deciding to start diving into creating the life YOU desire <3

I was never the type of person that knew exactly what I wanted to do when I “grew up”. I went to college because that’s what was expected of me, but even after graduating, I still had no idea what I wanted.

HOW does any 23 year old know what they want for the next 45 years? They don’t!

I tried a ton of different paths, but wanted to use my degree SO badly, that I found myself in a career that not only made me miserable and Burnt Out, but had me crying every single day. I was 25 & there was NO way I was about to live this life for 40 years, just for retirement..

Sooo, I quit my job and 2 days later I found myself starting a career completely onIine.

All of a sudden my passions became my brand & my brand became my business. I was able to be ME and live my ideal lifestyle. Not the lifestyle expected of me by others.

In the last 2 years I went from unfulfilled & confused about my future to confident, passionate and killin’ it onIine. ALL thru this opportunity!

I’ve been able to retire myself & my fiancé from corporate FOREVER, create a multi 6 figure onIine business, and now travel around the U.S full time in our converted sprinter van with unlimited Time, Financial & Location Freedom! 

I am forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to change my life & help so many others along the way!"

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